Ambe TMT rebars are "hot-rolled" from mild steel billet and on line thermo-machanical treatment of three successive stages:

1. Quenching: The hot rolled bar that leaves the  final mill stand is rapidly quenched by a special water spray system. This hardens the surface of the bar to a depth optimized for each section through the formation of martensitic rim. The core remains hot and austenitic.

2. Self Tampering:
When the bar leaves the quenching box, the core remains hot compared to the surface. The care allows heat to flow to the surface tempering the outer martensitic layer into a structure called Tempered Martensite. The core still remains austenitic at this stage.

3. Atmospheric Cooling:
This takes place on the cooling bed where the austenitic core is transformed into a ductile ferrite pearlite structure.  The final structure consists of an optimum combination of a strong outer layer (Tempered Martensite) with ductile core (ferrite-pearlite). This gives Ambe TMT its unique combination of strength and ductility.

  Uniform Size & Weight

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