Ambe Steel - Thermex TMT Bars

TMT is an acronym for the phrase "Thermo-Mechanical Treatment". During the last few years the civil engineering sector has increased its demand for low cost reinforcing steel bars with a guaranteed yield point of 500N/mm2. This demand was a result of standard specifications of all developed industrial countries. The use of such grade high strength rebar reduces civil construction cost because of:

- Saving in reinforcement

- Reduced labor cost

- Lower transportation costs

- Easy processing due to high unsure ability

- The development of the patented thermex cooling system is an in-line process and the high strength Thermex rebars are ready for dispatch to the customer almost immediately after rolling is complete unlike the case of CTD rebar which takes a few days & results in large inventory levels in the plant.

The Q & T Process

The quenching and Self tempering process as per Thermex makes use of the heat energy of the rolled bar after the finishing stand of the rolling mill. The Thermex process is a sophisticated and precise technology that has been developed after years of trials and tests in Germany.


The cement used should be as fresh as possible and any type of OPC & Slack Cement should be used within two months of it manufacture date. After two months it should either be avoided or used only if the test results are found upto the mark. Without proper combination of good cement, sand and coarse aggregate, steel rebars alone cannot withstand the construction. TMT bars should also be clean and free of loose mile scale, dust, loose rust, coats of paint, oil, grease or any other coating, which may impair or reduce the bond.

Identification and Marking

Ambe TMT Thermex marks rolled on. The Ambe TMT thermex marking is rolled on every meter length of the bar axis and is projected along the transverse ribs. Each and every bundle of Ambe TMT is sealed with an aluminum tag detailing the weight and code of the individual bundle.

Quality Assurance

With so many customers relying on our products, it becomes imperative for us to maintain a strict quality standard. We are therefore committed to quality management. Our in house quality assurance division is fully equipped in recording everything from the incoming raw materials to the finished product as per NS: 191. The activities of the quality assurance division are governed by skilled technicians. Our commitment to quality doesn't end with the dispatch of our product.

Features of Ambe TMT Bars

- Extra Strong: Martensite in upper layer and ferrite - felite in inner layer provide extra strong properties to Ambe TMT.

- Strong Hold on Concrete: The improved ribs design gives Ambe TMT a strong hold on concrete resulting in to long lasting structures.

- Strong Welding: Low carbon presence in Ambe TMT helps in easy and strong welding.

- Deterioration Resistant: No torque (twisting) on shape bolsters of corrosion resistance.

- Uniform Size and Weight: Ambe TMT is produced by automated machines of Thermex technology due to which each TMT is of equal size and weight.

- Anti Earthquake Tolerance: The specific metallurgical property of Ambe TMT increases its resistance earthquakes.

- Fire Resistance: In case of fire the special mechanical and chemical bonding structure of Ambe TMT makes it more resistible to heat.

- Easy Workability: Due to its elastic feature it is easy to weld and fold as per requirement without breaking. Ambe TMT can be used for making mesh, net, grid for construction, and this elasticity reduces cost to a great extent.

- A combination of all above gives long lasting stability to any structure.

Certifications (Click to Zoom)

NS 191

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

  Uniform Size & Weight

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